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Many people may think that writing songs and being creative is a talent you are born with. While there are definitely talented musicians out there that seem to have a gift for it, songwriting is as much a skill as any other craft. And It is often the hardest working musicians and not the most talented that become known.

This is because no matter how good you are, you need to have the discipline to produce good quality work consistently. This may leave you wondering how often you should be writing songs to become a great songwriter.

As a songwriter, you should be writing songs every day. It is not required to have a completed studio-ready product at the end of each day or have a full song each day. Just working on any song daily will help you progress faster. To that end, you can work on multiple songs at once piece by piece.

I also think it is important not to saturate yourself if you start feeling stuck, frustrated or discouraged. Take a break if you need it. Do stuff that has nothing to do with music to clear your ears and your mind.

Inspiration comes in waves, so some days you might feel very motivated, others you might have to just show up and do what you can. This is ok and a normal part of the process. Creating things can be frustrating at times but you will get through it.

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